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Winter Rules Apply, Buggies only for 65 and medical exemptions No Play From Fairways, Relief From Any Plugged Ball On The Course, All bunkers G,U,R for the weekend due to poor weather conditions this week

16.02.2018 14:33

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  • 2018-02-21
  • 2017 Committees with Accordion


    • David Barton
      Paul Briggs
      Marianne Moore
      Malcolm Fawcett
      Petert Gourlay
      James Murray
      Mick Pattison
      Stephen Rose
      Peter Burdess
      Keith Pullan
      Neil Tiplady
      David Tweddle
    • Committee Chairman Jim Murray
      Captain David Tweddle
      Vice-Captain Peter Burdess
      Past Captain Mal Fawcett
      Lady Captain Marianne Moore
      Compliance & Governance David Barton
      Finance Vacant
      Greens Mick Pattinson
      Handicaps and Competitions Jim Murray
      House Neil Tiplady
      Marketing Jim Murray
      Social Vacant
      Strategy Steve Rose
      Paul Briggs
      Peter Gourlay
    • Jim Murray Chairman
      Peter Burdess
    • Neil Tiplady Chairman
      David Barton
      Mal Fawcett
      Helen Morgan
      Julie Rose
    • Mick Pattinson Chairman
      David Tweddle Captain
      Marianne Moore Lady Captain
      Andrew Welsh Head Greenkeeper
      Mark Brown Assistant Head Greenkeeper
      Peter Gourlay
      Geoff Pennington
      Will Cowan
      Steve Rose
    • Jim Murray Chairman
      Steve Rose
      Paul Swainston
    • Vacant Chairman
      David Bunn
      Lyn Davison
      Barbara Parkin
      Julie Rose
      Neil Tiplady
      Elizabeth Wood
    • Steve Rose Chairman
      David Barton
      Paul Briggs
      Jill Dickinson
      Barbra Parkin
      Peter Schofield
      Paul Swainston
    • Marianne Moore Lady Captain and Chair
      Julie Rose Lady Vice-Captain
      Lyn Davison Immediate Past Captain
      Marj Will Treasurer
      Chris van Buuren Handicaps Secretary
      Kay Cleasby  
      Sue Farrell  
      Norma Hardie  
      Theresa Harrison  
      Helen Morgan  
      Hilary Moss  
      Marie Thompson  
    • Will Cowan Captain
      Paul Smith Vice-Captain
      Peter Robson Past-Captain
      Geoff Pennington Secretary
      Terry Ditchburn Treasurer
    • Barbra Parkin Chairman
      Gary Armstrong Junior Liaison Officer
      Chris Armstrong Junior Captain
      David Fletcher Professional
      Geoff Sheldon Welfare Officer
      Marion Goodyear

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