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  • Brancepeth Castle Junior Golf Section

    Welcome to Brancepeth Castle Golf Club where our aims is to support young people who are interested in learning to play golf. Whether you already play or are completely new to the game, we promise to work with you to ensure you learn in a safe environment and have fun developing skills to make you into a `golfer`.

  • Summer Camp 2017


    Tuesday August 8th 10am to 1pm
    Wednesday August 9th 10am to 1pm
    Thursday August 10th 10am to 1pm

    The cost is £10 per session and sessions must be booked in advance with the office on 0191 3780075 (Option 2)) or

    Players can attend one or all sessions if they wish. No special clothing is required except suitable for the current weather conditions. Trainers are acceptable if no golf shoes and the club does have some equipment.

    Parents, Grandparents or Guardians are requested to complete a consent form prior to the coaching to comply with 'Club and Golf Mark' regulations

  • Easter Camp, 19th to 20th April 2107

    Our Easter Camp this year was held from April 19-20th. A total of 15 juniors attended over the two days with the majority attending both days.

    We welcomed members and non-members and the range of experience was very wide, with 2 having a handicap, some who have attended coaching for the last 5 years and a 3 year old who enjoyed himself very much! The age group ranged from 3 years old to 14 years, quite a challenge!

    The one thing that was shared was that we would learn and improve golf skills and have some fun.

    David Fletcher led the days, supported by our Level 1 coaches, Marian Goodyear and Barbara Parkin.

    The days focused on learning basic driving skills initially, and then moving on to chipping and putting.

    A fun element was introduced with various target competitions in each of the skill areas and then on to play the 3 hole course on the practice field.

    Some groups went to play 4 holes on the course from the junior tees, with 3 juniors playing from the yellow tees and one getting a par on the 18th and several being only one over. They marked cards and were reminded of course etiquette and rules to add their coaching experience.

    Comments were very positive and enthusiastic and 3 have asked to attend the coaching sessions Tuesdays and Saturdays.

    Prizes were awarded, of the chocolate variety, and juniors received a mini Rules booklet.

    We are looking forward to the season with Junior Medals on the calendar throughout the summer and friendly matches arranged against Durham City.

    We would also like to organise a Family Golf Day to encourage adults to join with juniors for some fun golf.

  • junior coaching


    We are very excited for 2017 as we prepare to continue and grow the success we had last year with our Junior Coaching programme, Golf Camps and our 9 hole competitions.

    We would like to welcome back all juniors who attended the coaching sessions last year and also invite any new juniors to attend our coaching programme.

    These sessions are taken by David Fletcher, our experienced PGA coach, with support from our club volunteers who will help with basic golf skills, rules and etiquette. There will be opportunities for those who are able, to go onto the course also with support from club members. We also have provisional friendly matches arranged with local clubs.


    Players can attend one or both sessions. No special clothing is required except suitable for the current weather conditions. Trainers are acceptable if no golf shoes and the club can provide equipment. Please bring a drink and a snack if required.

    Sessions must be booked in advance with the office on 0191 3780075 or by e-mail at

    Consent forms are required to be completed prior to the sessions if not already completed.

    Please ask for details of our membership rates.

  • Junior Summer Camp - August 2016

    Our Summer Camp this year was 3 days from August 16 to 18th. We were lucky to have some of the hottest days of the Summer. A total of 25 juniors attended over the three days with the majority attending all three days.

    We welcomed members and non-members and the range of experience was very wide with only one having a handicap, some had attended coaching, and 3 who had never held a golf club! The age group ranged from 6 years old to 17 years, quite a challenge!

    The one thing that was shared was that we would learn and improve golf skills and have some fun.

    David Fletcher led the days supported by volunteers from the Ladies Section of the club and two parent members. It would be impossible to manage the large numbers of young people without their support and we are very grateful to them for giving up their time.

    Some groups went to play 4 holes on the course with volunteers and David, after their coaching session and marked junior cards, whilst others completed the 3 holes on the Practice Ground course to achieve Bronze, Silver and Gold certificates depending on their scores.

    Comments were very positive and enthusiastic and 5 young people are intending joining and want to attend the coaching sessions Tuesdays and Saturdays.

    All juniors received a ball, tees and a mini rules booklet ( and Haribos!)

    Barbara Parkin

  • Brancepeth Golf Club Junior Get Together

    Thursday, this week, saw 11 members of our Junior section `come together` for 9 holes on the course. Chris Armstrong, our Junior Captain, arranged two 3 balls for those with handicaps to play off the yellow tees, whilst Marian Goodyear and Barbara Parkin arranged 2 balls to play from the junior black tees.

    All groups were using junior cards to enter into the competitive spirit whilst learning about scoring and rules on the course.

    Gary Armstrong awarded prizes to Evan Thomas who achieved the best score of those with a handicap and Max Blackbourne achieved the highest score of those without a handicap.

    Jack Hall came from a cancelled cricket match to play very well over the holes he could play.

    All players thoroughly enjoyed the evening, completed by food and drinks in the clubhouse lounge afterwards.

    We hope to repeat this later in the season, as well as David Fletcher organising some Sunday competitions, and look forward to more of our junior members taking part.

  • Message from the Junior Captain­, Chris Armstrong

    Hello to all new junior golfers and welcome to Brancepeth Castle Golf Club Junior Section.

    You are important to all of us and we will help you in any way we can. We are aiming to increase the numbers of juniors playing here at Brancepeth from all ages and abilities. This will ensure the future of junior golf at the club and we hope you stay to become full members in later life. That is how I started and now I play regularly with my father and other full members in competitions - ­ I even beat them sometimes!!

    When you first start it is important to learn the main skills, rules and how to play on the course, in that order. Practice is very important, particularly after a coaching session. We have a dedicated team supporting David Fletcher our PGA Coach who will help you if you are unsure about anything. Garry Armstrong is our Junior Liason Officer and any club members will help you.

    Once you feel good about hitting the ball, the next step is to learn some of the rules and how to play on the course; You will be supported to do this. Then it will be time to find out about handicaps and to try a competition.

    So lets get started and I hope to see you all on the course or in the clubhouse very soon.

    Good luck with your coaching, remember to practice as often as possible and who knows, you could be the next Rory McIlroy, Danny Willet or Charley Hull.

    See you soon


    Chris Armstrong
    Junior Captain - Chris Armstrong
    Gary Armstrong
    Junior Liaison Officer - Gary Armstrong

  • Junior Open & Junior Club Championship

    The Junior Open and the Junior Club Championship were held in conjunction with each other on Sunday, 10th July 2016. Results were as follows:

    Junior Open
    Gross Nett
    1st Andrew Neasham 83 77
    2nd William Nimmo 84 80
    Best Nett Harry Etherington 100 76
    Club Championship
    Best Gross John Heppel 92 76
    Best Nett Evan Thomas 97 78

    John Heppel
    Junior Club Champion - John Heppel
    Evan Thomas
    Junior Championship Nett Winner - Evan Thomas

    William Nimmo
    Junior Open, 2nd Nett - William Nimmo


    What is GolfMark?
    • A national scheme that identifies and recognises junior and beginner friendly golf facilities
    • Any golf club affiliated to England Golf may apply to gain the GolfMark Award

    The three key areas within the golf club which are assessed are:
    • Coaching & Playing
    • Club Environment (including sports equity & ethics)
    • Child Protection & Duty of Care


    Benefits for Golf Clubs:
    • Recognition within the local community for the clubs' commitment to junior golf.
    • Promotion via the England Golf website.
    • Assistance and input from a County or Regional Development Officer.
    • A focused plan for the development of the junior section.
    • Opportunity to review and improve policies and procedures.
    • Well coached, committed and educated juniors who may become adult members of the future.
    • A safer and more enjoyable environment for junior golf to flourish.
    • Greater understanding about junior activities within the club by adult members.
    • Support & guidance from a County or Regional Development Officer through finding workshops, sharing best practice, reviewing current policies and procedures, writing child welfare documentation and much, much more.

    Benefits for Golfers:
    • A structured environment in which to develop as a player and a person .
    • A fun, enjoyable, welcoming environment.
    • Access to appropriate levels of coaching and competition.
    • To be part of a game that will teach them respect, social & life skills, discipline, honesty, integrity, motivation and much more.
    • Creating a structured pathway into adult membership.

    Benefits for Parents:
    • Junior friendly clubs can be easily identified, assisting parents, especially those who do not play golf.
    • Reassurance that the needs of children have been thoroughly considered and addressed.
    • A safe and organised environment for their children

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